Transportation Services

AGAT Laboratories’ provides multiple solutions for a variety of industries in transportation including aviation, rail transport, fleet vehicles, ships, government and more. We offer analysis from our Lubricants Testing Division for the maintenance and monitoring of operational equipment, vehicles and other modes of transportation. Additionally we provide a full-service approach to these industries by offering analysis for environmental and air quality monitoring programs. The following AGAT Laboratories' division services the Transportation sector.



Lubricants Testing Services

Mechanical diagnostic services for engines and mining operational equipment. Analysis of coolants, lubricants, jet fuel, hydraulic fluids and transmissions. read more...



Environmental Chemistry

Water, soil, sludge and waste analysis for environmental monitoring and regulations. Mould, bacteria and other chemical testing on a variety of matrices. read more...



Air Quality Monitoring

Indoor and outdoor air quality evaluations through source emissions testing, ambient air monitoring, meteorological monitoring, passive air monitoring and data acquisition. read more...


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