Fugitive Emissions Services

AGAT Laboratories is pleased to introduce Fugitive Emissions as the latest service to be added to the Air Division. With the extensive expertise that AGAT Laboratories holds in dealing with other streams of air testing, we are well positioned to work with our clients to provide reasonable and efficient solutions to this important issue.
Using our state-of-the art FLIR cameras, we can assist preventative maintenance efforts and detect leaks in real-time in all manner of pipes and connections, at a wide variety of facilities. Thousands of components can be scanned in one shift, and it is a valuable tool to help to increase workplace safety, while also improving your bottom line, by helping to identify costly leaks. Using the latest software, AGAT Laboratories’ field specialists can embed GPS data into the imaging, helping to pinpoint leaks immediately and safely. Following identification of the leak, AGAT Laboratories’ specialists are trained to quantify the leak accurately using portable flame ionization detectors (FID) or photoionization detector (PID) analyzers, as recommended by USEPA standards. This method can be easily adapted to local standards.