Ambient Monitoring

Continuous Air Monitoring Stations

AGAT Laboratories maintains a large fleet of Air Monitoring stations in North America to service multiple industry types, government agencies and regional airshed monitoring programs. We offer fully equipped, ambient air quality monitoring stations on a rental or purchase basis for on-site measurement of ambient air pollutants.

These stations are equipped with the following features:

  • Varied chemical monitoring configurations.
  • PC-based data acquisition and control systems with enhanced remote access capabilities.
  • Monthly calibration, servicing, data validation and reporting services.
  • WebAIR, our online enhanced reporting and notification software.
  • Single and multi-parameter monitoring configurations for; SO2, H2S, TRS, NOx, NO2, NH3, O3, THC, NMHC, CO, MHC, HF, NO, TSP, PM1.0, PM10, PM2.5 and VOCs.
  • Custom air-conditioned and heated instrument shelter design.

Ambient monitoring stations are available for single-station and multi-station air quality monitoring networks.


  • Non-point source testing
  • Community exposure assessments
  • Industrial Fence-line Studies
  • Industrial compliance monitoring
  • BTEX testing
  • Ethylene testing
  • Vertical and horizontal windspeed
  • Wind direction
  • Solar radiation
  • Temperature
  • CH4

Data Aquisition Systems

Our data acquisition systems provide excellent on-site evaluation and measurement of ambient air quality data. These fully-equipped data acquisition systems include the following features:

  • Single to multiple parameter ambient air configurations.
  • PC-based or stand-alone data acquisition and logging systems.
  • Multi-range communication options.
  • Custom alarming tied into plant alarm systems.
  • CSV file exports and Microsoft Excel reporting.
  • Data validation, reporting services and MODBUS exports to plant DCS.
  • Standard deviation alarming.
  • Daily reports online via WebAIR.