Life Sciences - Services

Protecting the health of consumers, employees and the general public is an important priority for industries today. AGAT Laboratories can help industries achieve this priority, offering specialty analysis that can detect harmful toxins in environmental matrices or harmful elements to the body. Our analysis can trace pollutants back to their source and therefore reduce the impact that these pollutants have on humans.



Specialty Analysis

Advanced LC-MS-MS and GCMS instrumentation  for the detection of pollutants, chemicals, pharmaceuticals in blood, urine, food and environmental samples. read more....



Ultra-trace and Toxicology

Trace analysis of  Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) such as Dioxin, Furans, PCBs and PAHs via HRGC/HRMS instrumentation.


Environmental Chemistry

Process water analysis, microbiology services, and indoor air quality evaluations for facility monitoring of clean rooms and controlled environmental systems. read more...




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