Industrial Services

From Indoor Air Quality analysis to the measurement of Ultra-trace levels of contaminants, AGAT Laboratories’ offers the most diverse scientific capabilities offering clients a single source solution for all their laboratory needs.

AGAT Laboratories provides customizable analytical solutions for pulp and paper processing, chemical plants, metal manufacturing and infrastructure. Our services for the industrial sector also include hygiene services to test indoor air quality as well as working conditions to ensure employee health and safety.

We offer customized laboratory solutions for projects of experimentation, investigation or assessment that may fall outside of typical analytical parameters. Our partnership with certified sub-contractors provides us with the resources to complete any type of analysis with high quality results.



Air Quality Monitoring

Source emissions testing, ambient air monitoring, meteorological monitoring, passive air monitoring and data acquisition. read more...



Environmental Chemistry

Water, soil, sludge and waste analysis for environmental monitoring and regulations. Mould, bacteria and other chemical testing on a variety of matrices. read more...



Occupational Hygiene

Analysis for health and safety in the workplace. Testing of drinking water, asbestos, lead in paint, failure analysis of equipment, wear debris in metals and air quality. read more..



Ultra-trace and Toxicology

Trace analysis of  Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) such as Dioxin, Furans, PCBs and PAHs via HRGC/HRMS instrumentation.



Petroleum Testing Services

Chemical analysis and characterization of natural gas, condensate, crude oil and produced water. read more...


Lubricants Testing Services

Mechanical diagnostic services for engines and operation equipment. Coolants, lubricants, hydraulic and transmissions fluid analysis.


Forensics Services

AGAT investigates for fire cause and characterization, contamination detection, spill response, and highly precise identification of substance and source. read more...


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