Environmental Services

AGAT Laboratories’ Environmental laboratories provide reassurance to Environmental practitioners, regulators and industry through state-of-the-art instrumentation and rigorous quality control.

Environmental testing involves the analysis of air, water and soil for chemical species impacting ecological, agricultural and health and safety areas. AGAT Laboratories has the capability to provide these analyses, providing comprehensive services to environmental consultants, agricultural professionals, the environmental industry and the government. 

Following are the divisions that service all industries within the Environmental Sector.



Environmental Chemistry

Soil, sludge, water and microbiology testing. Indoor air quality evaluations and mould, bacteria and asbestos testing.



Ultra-trace and Toxicology

Trace analysis of  Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) such as Dioxin, Furans, PCBs and PAHs via HRGC/HRMS instrumentation.



Agricultural Analysis

Soil profiling for site liability and fertilizer recommendations. Water chemistry packages for drinking or irrigation water.


Air Quality Monitoring

Indoor and outdoor air quality evaluations through source emissions testing, ambient air monitoring, meteorological monitoring, passive air monitoring and data acquisition. read more...


Forensics Services

AGAT investigates for fire cause and characterization, contamination detection, spill response, and highly precise identification of substance and source. read more...