Our Oil and Gas Innovations

AGAT Laboratories' Research and Development Program is dedicated to creating innovative technical solutions and improved services for the Energy sector. AGAT Laboratories offers several new analyses and field collection methods including the following.

  • H2S measurements in vapour streams from SAGD operations: Utilizes a novel technique for H2S analysis at gas plants under high temperature and high water content, using a metal precipitation scrubbing methodology.
  • Water cut testing in SAGD production facilities: Includes bitumen emulsion sampling from production separators for laboratory testing to check calibration of in-line metering devices.
  • Polyacrylamide (polymer) quantification in oilfield water samples: From oilfield water or bitumen emulsion samples, the water is extracted and the concentration of polymer quantified.
  • Hot Flash analysis for liquid hydrocarbons:  A proprietary, temperature-controlled process for the separation of gases and liquids in pressurized containers for the qualitative and quantitative determination of liquid hydrocarbons.
  • Portable gas analysis lab: Mobile lab for on-site gas analysis utilizing micro-technology and specialized Gas Chromatographs for high quality field analysis.
  • Field Bar-Coding System: Bar-code tags are attached to sample points on wells and scanned into our database with the fixed header data.
  • Oxygen Analyzer: Accurately identifies trace levels of oxygen and contaminants in gas streams.

Innovative Technology: WebFLUIDS

We provide access to our online WebFLUIDS database management system for all of our clients. This system allows you to access your results online and trend and compare historical analysis to ensure results are accurate and reliable.

Using WebFLUIDS can save you the various expenses attributed to operational costs. It can also strengthen the accuracy of your revenue projections and forecasts. WebFLUIDS provides seamless data transfer capabilities coupled with an extensive database.

Saving you time and money: WebFLUIDS can upload directly into Fieldview, PVR or other client-developed systems, eliminating the costly and labour-intensive effort of manually entering data. With automated uploading of analysis into production accounting software, revenue calculations can be completed at a lower cost.

Assisting revenue allocations and calculations: WebFLUIDS’ anomaly and flagging capabilities ensure the latest and most representative analytical data is being used in revenue calculations and allocations. Production accountants can be sure they are entering the latest information on a particular well and that all PAs within the business unit are working off of the same data.

To access our WebFLUIDS login page, click here.