Field Sampling Services

AGAT Laboratories offers comprehensive field services for some of the following areas:

  • Sampling and testing for regulatory measurement requirements
  • Meter calibrations
  • Pipeline specifications
  • Routine sampling
  • Corrosion monitoring
  • Plant optimization

Our Field Technicians have years of experience and are trained in all areas of sampling requirements. We have a large number of Field Technicians in Western Canada, and are supported by an extensive network of branches and depots for supply pick-up and sample drop-off.

Our on-site testing capabilities include:

  • Hydrocarbon Dewpoint - Natural Gas (Pipeline/Process).
  • Water Dewpoint – Natural Gas (Pipeline/Process).
  • Breathing Air testing (from domestic industrial and gas plant air systems).
  • Millipore Filter testing (Contaminants in gas and water).
  • Dissolved Oxygen testing (Water).
  • pH/Conductivity testing (Water).
  • H2S concentration by length of stain tube, and/or Tutweiler methods.
  • Trace Oxygen testing Gas (by a portable O2 field analyzer).
  • Charcoal Filter testing (Hydrocarbons in gas streams).
  • SAGD Bitumen/Water Emulsion testing - Water cut and solids per cent.
  • Noise testing.
  • Particulate testing – Air Quality Monitoring (Workplace).
  • Gas Chromatography analysis (mobile GC lab).
  • API/Viscosity testing.

Field Technicians

"Achieving high quality results starts at the sample."

Avoid re-sampling and inaccurate results by utilizing our experts for all of your sampling requirements. Our Field Technicians are trained in the proper sampling techniques, in accordance with specific GPA and API methods. We ensure the best representative sample is collected in the field and safely delivered to our laboratory for high quality results.

Our Field Technicians undergo extensive initial and on-going training throughout their employment. They are trained to understand the following policies and procedures:

  • Site-specific orientation
  • Pre-job hazard assessment
  • Code of Practices
  • Work Alone Policy
  • Incident investigation and reporting

AGAT Laboratories also schedules Field Technicians to complete multiple jobs en route in order to minimize travel distance and provide clients with the cost-saving benefits of fewer kilometres travelled.