Occupational Hygiene

Indoor Air Quality Program

Indoor Air Quality is important for all buildings, specifically for office and institutional buildings. The topic of air quality concerns associated with a non-industrial, "clean" office environment have only been recognized and quantified within the past two decades.

AGAT Laboratories utilizes a wide-range of analytical techniques to provide the necessary data used to assess indoor air quality. This data can be used by Air Quality Consultants to provide recommendations on air quality. Following are some of our services from our Air Quality Monitoring Division that can be applied to the area.

Integrative Monitoring

We offer various integrated sampling programs based on drawing air through filters and absorbents. We use specialized sampling techniques as per EPA TO Methods that can be supplied for multiple components including:

  • Filters for high volume sampling for TSP and PM10.
  • PUF tubes for high volume sampling for PCBs and PAHs.  
  • Sep-pak cartridges and Gastec tubes for Formaldehyde and Phenol.
  • Silonite Canisters and Tedlar bags for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) detection.

Summa Canisters

AGAT Laboratories offers Silonite Canisters, the latest in SUMMA testing technology for the collection of the following:

  • Indoor air sources
  • Ambient air sources
  • Stationary air sources
  • Soil vapour
  • Soil vapour by thermal desorption

These canisters are used for volatile organic determination in ambient indoor air by EPA TO-14A/15A - Canister Sampling. Silonite technology increases the integrity of samples by preventing degradation by exposure to sunlight and the permeation of Volatile Organic Compounds through the vessel walls. This allows easy shipping and storage over longer periods of time.

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