Lubricants Testing and Failure Analysis Service Overview

AGAT Laboratories’ Lubricants Testing Services perform numerous analytical tests that aid industry in monitoring equipment condition, determine contaminant types and their sources and provide analyses results and recommendations that can help to mitigate or eliminate component failures, thus helping industry to improve its equipment reliability. These analyses include a full spectrum of the following:

  • Diesel, natural gas and gasoline engine oil analysis
  • Gear oil analysis
  • Transmission, differential and final drive fluid analysis
  • Hydraulic fluid analysis
  • Compressor, bearing and pump lubricant analysis
  • Gas and steam turbine lubricant analysis
  • Gasoline and diesel fuel analysis
  • Coolant analysis
  • Contaminant analysis
  • Aviation fuel analysis and certification
  • Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)
  • X-ray Diffraction analysis (XRD)
  • Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy (EDX)

Our Lubricants Testing Services demonstrate exceptional turn-around times and is ISO 9001 certified and ISO 17025 accredited, for specific tests.

Our Lubrication, Equipment Reliability and Maintenance Strategies

With condition-based maintenance, AGAT Laboratories technicians and equipment reliability specialists can:

  • Provide you with early warning signs of potential failure
  • Monitor the condition of your equipment and lubricants
  • Reduce unscheduled down-time
  • Determine optimum oil drain periods
  • Make recommendations for improved equipment condition

We recommend being proactive in your maintenance so that you can:

  • Identify the root cause of failures
  • Monitor contaminants and identify possible sources
  • Eliminate the source of contamination resulting in longer equipment life and reliability
  • Identify minor problems before they become major failures
  • Protect warranties by identifying problems prior to warranty expiration


At AGAT Laboratories, we provide a software package that allows clients access to view and maintain their analyses results via the internet. You can update information, obtain laboratory data, view and print historical trends of your analytical data, submit samples and assign corrective actions with WebOAS. This program instantaneously transfers data and analysis results free-of-charge, with no installations necessary.

WebOAS has the ability to change unit information (i.e. serial number or hours/kilometers of operation) online. Drag and drop functionality makes it simple to move equipment from location to location, unit to unit. This enables you to group units by data requirements such as location, component or any other criteria required. The system will allow further groupings of each of the data groups to include items such as engine or transmission types.

WebOAS users can also enter and submit their own samples online, enhancing sample information accuracy and analysis turn-around time. Bar-coded sample tags containing equipment data can be printed for ease of sample submission, PDF images and photos can be up-loaded, client customization can be made and all types of maintenance, repair and condition monitoring information can be stored in one convenient place. In addition, complete and expanded maintenance recommendations are provided on oil analyses reports, complete with sample results rankings and wear trend graphs.

To login to WebOAS click here.

Aviation Fuel Certificate

Fuel quality is vital to the safety of an aircraft. AGAT Laboratories offers Aviation Fuel Certification to ensure fuel meets relevant specifications and is free of unapproved additives and other contaminants. This service is routinely done for rush turn-around times and often over weekends and holidays.

Diesel and Gasoline Check

When dealing with large amounts of fuel, it is important to understand the quality of the product being used. This is because fuel is such an important part of industrial plant and fleet operation. For this reason, fuel that may be suspect due to age or storage conditions is recommended to be analyzed regularly, especially considering the consistently rising pump prices.


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