Fuel Check Program

Our Fuel Check Program involves the distillation of gasoline or diesel (ASTM D 86) to determine contamination from other fuels. We have the capability to perform the distillation in several specific methods in order to present a comprehensive explanation of the sample results, leaving nothing to speculation. Used by most bulk fuel carriers, this test should be completed whenever there is any suspicion of problems with fuel.

Other tests including particulates, metal and microbiological contamination can also be conducted alongside this program for an enhanced spectrum of the fuel's quality.

Fuel Quality Testing

To ensure that fuel is up to industry standards and prevent engine damage, this analysis program determines the quality of sampled fuel and will confirm if fuel is within manufacturers’ specifications and is safe to use. The analysis is presented with a comprehensive explanation of the test results compete with recommendations when applicable.

This analyses should be performed whenever fuel quality comes into question, such as when there is an abnormal amount of smoke, power loss or other serious difficulties in engine operation.


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