Food Testing Division
Services Overview

AGAT Laboratories' Food Testing Division is specially designed to meet the needs of our Agri-Food clients, food producers, restaurant suppliers and government agencies. Understanding that food safety is one of the largest public health and safety concerns faced today, we have focused on providing our clients with unparalleled quality control and accurate results to meet all of their food testing needs.

AGAT Laboratories' Food Testing Division offers services in food safety, development and consulting including:
• Microbiological analysis
• Chemical analysis
• Environmental quality analysis
• Nutritional analysis and labeling
Our Food Testing Division also offers the following consulting services.
• Shelf-life testing.
• Internal and third-party audits.
• Regulatory compliance monitoring.
• Hazard analysis and critical control point planning.
• Risk management.
• Sampling plans and testing schedules.
• Training for sound hygiene and manufacturing practices.

Emergency Services

Along with insuring fast turn-around of data and immediate access to results, we can supply you with dedicated, around the clock service. Understanding the demand for emergency support, AGAT technical personnel are available 24 hours a day with on-call staff in each area of expertise.

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