Fire Assay Analysis

Precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum are in high demand in today’s market. Whether the demand is for ore-grade analysis or high volume baseline fire assay gold exploration work, AGAT Laboratories’ has extensive expertise in silver, gold and PGE determinations.

Many techniques can be used for precious metal analysis and it is important to consider the sampling matrix when choosing the best methods for detection. Procedures for precious metal analysis include a combination of lead collection fire assay and either an ICP, ICP-MS, AAS and gravimetric finish. Precious metal determination is also available for exploratory work in soils using Aqua Regia Digestion and ICP-MS Finish. Cyanide leaches can also be effective in grassroots exploration to detect trace levels of gold fragments in large samples, determining fine gold fractions, or predicting the potential gold cyanide extraction capacity.

Precious Metals Services

  • Fire Assay lead collection with ICP, AAS or gravimetric finish

  • Aqua Regia Digestion

  • Cyanide Leaches

  • Metallic Screen with Fire Assay Finish

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