Login to WebOAS here.

About WebOASIS: This exclusive Web-based Oil Analysis Sample and Information Systems (WebOASIS) software allows you to update information, obtain laboratory data, view and print historical trends of analytical data, submit samples and assign corrective actions for your analytical results. This program has customizable condemning limits and can be exported into Microsoft Excel for easy data manipulation.


Login to WebEARTH  here.

About WebEARTH:WebEARTH is AGAT Laboratories interactive web database developed in-house for our environmental clients. Options for data retrieval, archiving and management include:

  • Custom downloads in client-specified formats.
  • Substitution of regulatory standards Canada-wide.
  • Various reporting formats.
  • Trending and graphing options.
  • Secure client login and password.

WebEARTH will also automatically flag any anomalies in the analytical results that exceed the specified comparison limits or regulatory guidelines.


Login to WebFLUIDS here.

About WebFLUIDS: WebFLUIDS includes an extensive database of historical results which can export into an FIS system. It allows us to provide you with PAS submission files for your well operation group who can then submit it to the ERCB. Any reports are accessible as PDFs which can be e-mailed as completed. Data files will be CSV in a PROTREND format.

WebFLUIDS can upload directly into Fieldview, PVR or other client-developed systems eliminating the costly and labour-intensive effort of manually entering data. With the automated uploading of analysis into production accounting software, revenue calculations can be completed at a lower cost. The program’s anomaly and flagging capabilities ensure the latest and most representative analytical data is being used in revenue calculations and allocations.


Login to WebAIR here.

About WebAIR: This software analyzes data through internal quality assurance and quality control system checks. All results are reviewed for any anomalies and these are automatically flagged and highlighted into WebAIR’s daily reports. WebAIR will automatically generate an e-mail to the appropriate personnel in the event of any error, alert, violation or warning.

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