The Transportation Sector

Value-added Services

AGAT Laboratories’ offers many value-added services to enhance the efficiency of business operations, saving you time and money.  We strive to enhance our business relationship with our clients by offering them the following tools to operate at the highest levels of efficiency.

Our value-added services include the following:

  • Dedicated Client Project Managers
  • Continuous research and development
  • Pre-labelled sample containers
  • Innovative e-services
  • Efficient turn-around time
  • Scope of presence
  • Extensive technical resources 
  • Technical Training Programs

The Equipment Reliability and Lubricant Testing Services Value Added Program

Agat Laboratories provides its clients with a series of Value Added Services free of charge, these include:

  • Access to Scanning Electron Microscopy component failure analysis,
  • Access to copies of equipment technical and troubleshooting papers for all industries,
  • Access to informational research into condition monitoring technologies such as thermography, vibration analysis, acoustics (ultrasonic sound measurement) and non-destructive testing techniques,

Access to a full range of equipment reliability improvement training programs including but not limited to:

  1. Understanding Oil Analysis Principles and Terminology, Proper Sampling Techniques and Correct Report Interpretation,
  2. Industrial Lubricant Selection, Application and Proper Storage and Handling Techniques,
  3. Effective Equipment Preventive Maintenance and Lubrication,
  4. Efficient/Effective Planning and Scheduling of Maintenance Activities,
  5. Total Equipment Reliability Management,
  6. Effective Data Collection for Successful Root Cause Component Failure Analysis,
  7. Machinery Troubleshooting Using Test and Measurement Techniques,
  8. On-Site Critical Equipment Selection for the Application of Condition Monitoring Technologies

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