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About WebFLUIDS: WebFLUIDS includes an extensive database of historical results which can export into an FIS system. It allows us to provide you with PAS submission files for your well operation group who can then submit it to the ERCB. Any reports are accessible as PDFs which can be e-mailed as completed. Data files will be CSV in a PROTREND format.

WebFLUIDS can upload directly into Fieldview, PVR or other client-developed systems eliminating the costly and labour-intensive effort of manually entering data. With the automated uploading of analysis into production accounting software, revenue calculations can be completed at a lower cost. The program’s anomaly and flagging capabilities ensure the latest and most representative analytical data is being used in revenue calculations and allocations.


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About WebOILSANDS: Analytical data is available any time from any location through our internally-designed software package WebOILSANDS for our heavy oil customers. This secure online data access tool combines our Oilsands Reporting System (OSRS) with the power of the internet.  The OSRS integrates photo capture, preliminary analytical results, work flow processing, standard and custom report generation with data quality checking. With this program you can view the status of your wells, monitor turn-around times and graph trends related to specific concentrations and elements.

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