Energy Services

AGAT Laboratories is the leader in the delivery of laboratory services related to the petroleum industry. Our state-of-the-art facilities deliver results that can be counted on.

AGAT Laboratories offers a wide spectrum of laboratory services tailored to meet the needs and demands of the petroleum industry in upstream, midstream and downstream processes. Energy companies can also consolidate their environmental analysis and air quality monitoring programs with services from our environmentally focused divisions.

Following are the divisions of our operations that provide full-service analysis to all industries in the Energy Sector.



Rock Properties

Energy exploration services specializing in Routine Core, Oilsands, Geology and Reservoir Characterization to provide engineering data for reservoir management. read more...


Petroleum Testing Services

Gas, condensate, crude oil and produced water testing. Field sampling services for routine sampling, regulatory requirements, meter calibrations and more. read more...


Air Quality Monitoring

Source emissions testing, ambient air monitoring, meteorological monitoring, passive air monitoring and data acquisition. read more...


Environmental Chemistry

Water, soil, sludge and waste analysis for environmental monitoring and regulations. Mould, bacteria and other chemical testing on a variety of matrices. read more...


Lubricants Testing Services

Mechanical diagnostic services for engines and operational equipment. Coolants, lubricants, hydraulic and transmission fluid analysis. read more...




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